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I have an 83 Camaro sport coupe. I am thinking about selling it but I'm not sure what it is really worth. I was wondering if anyone could help. Here is some facts about it.

83 Camaro sport coupe
2.8L V6 (runs but needs some internal work)
(probably easier to swap it out)
Automatic Trans
Disc brakes in the front, drums in the rear
(need to be changed)
Very solid body
(only surface rust, no holes or anything)
Needs new windshield
Interiors pretty clean
(seats are ripped, carpet is dirty, dash had cracks but where filled in)
Steering column needs to be replaced
Sun roof (does not leak at all)
Manual seats, locks, windows, hatch
Everything pretty much works

Can't think of much else right now. If you got any questions ask.

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yes very little money.. if any at all..

especially here in the rust salt belt..

maybe 200 bucks or so, but thats a long shot..

you can say solid body, but being that its an 83 and its in IL it cannot have no rust

it has rust either in the quarters, or in the body mount supports under the floors, or in the doors, or all of the above

they all do here.

every single one of them

if you actually look.,

i have owned billions of these 82-up f bodies and about 90% of them are very beat and trashed and been run hard and are just not any good anymore.

yet ppl think they are worth alot,. since they own them, when it comes time to sell. and just because they are a camaro or firebird and "look cool" and the kids like them.

and they always have completely broken and worn interiors, and rusted quarters. and alot of times cracked winshields,
sagging doors, broken consoles, cracked dashes, broken plastic panels, broken or missing GFX parts, messed up bumper covers, engine overheating issues, exhaust system rusted or broken, and many mechanical and electrical issues like broken switches and so on because all the parts are plastic garbage especially the third gens 82-up like my 82 trans am i have had since 2000 now.

just being frank and honest and factual

these cars arent in the high end of the value market

another issue is the worst and most crappy rear axles that they put in them:
the little 7.5" axle in which you cant replace/upgrade with a better axle from any other vehicle other than these 82-up f bodies

unless they are documented low miles and always been shedded in a garage and only driven on sundays or in good weather

otherwise they are just another old rusted beat up beater

no one wants a car that needs 2500 dollars of new interior and has broken items throughout it and doesnt run right

unless its free or next to it.

there just not much good for these cars unless you seriously spend thousands on so many upgrades and new interior and new body parts and plastics. and thats only if you could actually find the parts in decent condition, in which is super rare.. because theyre all trashed and beat and broken.

thats why i parted and junked all the ones i ever got my hands on after i drove them for a while to get my $ worth out of them,

and why im always gonna keep my 82 t/a because i have too much $ in it and i could never sell it for more than what yours is worth, because it needs almost everything interior and exterior replaced just like 90% of them do.

because they get used abused and just plain worn out and are never original untouched, and are hacked modified in some way or another.

these cars are not the ones to buy and sell and expect to come out ahead.

because you never can or will.

you either keep them and spend money on them and enjoy them the best you can

or part them out and take them to the shredder

because they are so old now that they are beyond any true and complete repair or restoration.. unless money is no object for you..

if you can find some sucker that will give you a couple hundred or more for it then there you go., you win

if you really want to sell it anyways..,

good luck!!
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