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88 S10 Blazer Trans problem

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I have an 88 s10 blazer with the 700r4 trans, It slipped for a long time and then one day, BANG, under the floor board... I kinda believe its the torque converter because if you floor the gas pedal it moves very slowly. I have been told also that the pump could be the problem. All info is greatly appreciated! thanks!
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yes, in all gears you have to pretty much floor it to get it to move. the drive shaft spins slowly as well with the gas floored. when it is in park you can hear a scraping noise under the vehicle im not sure if that helps or not... Thanks for the input!
time for another tranny

no big deal

have fun!
yes a slipping stator can cause that problem. but once you get it up to speed it will be fine. bang=not good. time for a rebuild
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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