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91 Chevy 305 tbi no spark no injector pulse

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My truck was going down the road and just died on me...i cranked it over a few times it fired and drove for about 400 yards and died again. I tested the ignition coil and found that it was bad and replaced it. Still no start and at this point no fuel from the injectors. I then had the ignition module tested at advanced auto and that was good. So i put that back in and then I discovered that I was getting power from my pickup coil but no pulsation while cranking so i then replaced that. Still my engine will not spark and I have no fuel coming out of the injectors...however there is fuel coming up to the throttle body...any suggestions?
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It could be a fried ECM or prom chip inside the ecm. Is your distributor turning? oil pump drive gear could be bad. May also be a poped fuse bad ignition on steering colum or a unpluged or disconnected wire. Even though you were told the ignition module was good, that sounds like it could be part of the problem. Hope i could help. Good luck!
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