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So i have a 92 chevy 4x4 and im having issues with the lock up in it, i recently changed the transmission on it because i lost 3rd and 4th gear in it everything seemed to work good until it just started locking up as soon as it hits 2nd gear and so on and will not unlock unless i hit the brakes, i also swapped the brake switch hoping it was only minor but no luck, any ideas?

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Does it lockup no matter what amount of throttle opening as soon as it hits 2nd?
Does it unlock every time you hit the brakes?
Does it lock back up as soon as you release the brake?

TCC/TorqueConverterClutch Solenoid may be sticking/stuck.
Or maybe the 3rd or 4th pressure switch is stuck, not likely.
You can buy these parts locally also.
Lots of 700R4 Info>>
About TCC Solenoid problems>>

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the lockup in my 92 700r4 recently started going out and would lock in and out on the freeway constantly


so i unpugged it

fine ever since

make sure the TV cable is set correctly
recheck it

are you sure its the last two gears doing this and not just the lockup clutch ?

count how many shifts and see if it is shifting three times

then for the converter clutch lockup will be a last "shift" engagement of the converter clutch

it is easy to mis-count one of the later shifts and confuse it with the lockup engagement

the way my clutch was locking in and out constantly on the freeway made me think it was not going into 4th gear

but once i unplugged it i found that all the gears were fine

even i got confused,, and ive been at this stuff since i was little...


its got 197.6k miles on it and going strong still, so no wonder the CC is going out in it..

damn good for a stock original 700r4.
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