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94 Ford ranger drop 4"

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I'm sure it's been asked and asked and I'm sorry. But what is the cheapest and best way to drop my 94' Ford Ranger 4"? And how much would it cost? It's a stick all stock. It's a graduation gift but as we all know stock is no bueno lol all help would be appreciated.

Thanks keep rollin

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flip the shackles in the rear.. you'll need dropped beams for the front, if you can't get away with camber bushings.. then you just get the front springs you need and have it alligned...

I've had my '98 for a few months now.. originally was going to drop it 2/3, add a roll pan and get different mirrors.... Instead, I'v added a tonnaeu cover, 2003 Factory CD-6 and cleaned it up a bit... externally except for the tonnaeu, it's still stock but I'm gonna keep it that way I think.. Maby a Hurst shifter but that's it
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