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944 starter, alt.

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typical starter wiring?

this is a 1984 porsche 944

i pulled the wired from the battery to the starter and alt.

i started this so long ago I forgot where the wires went.
its pretty simple.
one 4 ga black wire about 6 ft in length. a red 8 ga wire of about 3-4 ft, and a red/black 8 ga wire and a blue 14 ga wire.

tell me if this sounds right 4 ga to starter
red 8 ga from alt to starter
red/black to batt.
blue to starter key terminal.

ps, the blue wire and the red/black 8 ga wire are both connected to a butt connector that splices at the firewall top driver corner.
ha ha maybe i should of wrote it down when i started getting preoccupied.

anyone have a 944?
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can someone delete this for me? i answered my own question.


and yea i was way off

i got it now tho
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