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i just rebuilt they 5.7l engine in my 97 tahoe and when i started it, ran like crap so i removed the exhaust seemed to run better and found that the cats were plugged so i cut them out and when i started it again it started fine and the ran like crap again after i drove it up the road. so i removed the valve covers to adjust the valves but found they were good and when i went to start it again, found a no start. has good fuel pressure but no spark. the plugs, wires, cap & rotor are all new so i tested coil check out ok, then i check module and found no signal to coil and replaced the module and still the same. anyone know where to look next. please help

thanks Jeff

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fuel injector spider assembly is known to be bad on these

bad spider tips on them

do some research on google

you will learn about them and the common issues with them.

we have had a few here at the shop in the past to replace for people

also make sure the EGR valve is not bad

if it gets dirt in it it can cause bad running engine also

but also stalling at idle usually.

good luck
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