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Well for some a ugly duck.

But is the pro's and con's.


It will hook on ice

Full frame car.

Has bolt in possibilities of a number of different engines

Has a number of aftermarket suspension parts

Has the capability of being driven to the track

Has a track record as a winner in the mid ET brackets

Would be fun to drive.Back to the basics doing a number of rounds


It is a heavy car

Needs to have suspension mods completed

Needs to have driveline mods covered because of the cars wt.

Has the aero of next to nothing

Trans brake on a three speed auto is almost a given

Needs to have the interior stripped to next to nothing for wt reduction

Really could benefit from a BBC$$$$$,but a big inch SBC could get it done

These are of course just some pro's and con's.I screwed up and let one slip through my fingers already done as a roller yrs ago at the Indy Drag Racer's Auction.Sold for only $2,700 and the parts where worth that.A really dumb move on my part.

So what is it??. Here ya go:

These things with the right combo will run low 13's to high 12's and run the dialed in number run after run.Yeah,just some fun racing.
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