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Hello all, :welcome:
Name is Ray, just call me Raze as its the name I have used online since 1987.
I'm 42 years of age, have 3 children and 1 grandchild. I live in the Charlotte NC area.
I have done paint and body work for 26 years, mostly on Tractor Trailers, but also Motor Coaches/RVs also Cars and Trucks of course.

I am currently looking for/into starting a new project, soon as I can find the right car at the right price.

I own my own company, and work as a Training personal at another company.
My Company is just in the startup works, but I train new comers for the company I have worked at for almost 20 years now, just till my company gets rolling.

Hoping this forum and the ppl here can help me find the right car for me to rebuild/restore. I have done many restorations over the years and I now have 89% of the tools to do a complete job myself now here at home. Just gotta get that darn rotisserie built, I have almost all the parts for it just not the time right now. :(

Hope this gives you all a better understanding of me.
Thanks for having me here

Ray/Raze :welcome:
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