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The MODERN Hot-Rodder.
Drives a beater 4x4. Works as a Master Certified Mechanic. in his garage today is a 1965 F-85 Cutlass that he installing a Rocket 350 into. Parked in the other bays, 1986 Fiero with a Muncie 5 speed that has been restored and only 73,000 miles. A supercharged ZL-610 Camaro SS that he built. A Supercharged Indy Edition Impala SS. A 1949 Studebaker 2R17-31 dually 2 ton with a flat bed and 7900 miles on it. A 1949 Studebaker 2R16-2C dually 1.5 ton with a service truck body and 19,500 miles on it. lastly a Cobalt SS Stage 4 that will do almost 200 mph
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