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Above windshield console

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I need to make a covering of some kind to cover my windshield motors above the windshield. I've seen cars with their stereo mounted there also but can't remember exactly how it looked. Any one know of a site I could visit for some info would be appreciated.
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what kind of car? J C Whitney lists for later models, and trucks
It's a 39 plymouth. I had thought getting one of those and cutting it to fit but that may be harder than actually making one from scratch. Thanks
make a cardboard mock up of the cover you want then cover it with fiber glass.the hardest thing to firgue out is how to do the mounting but if you plan it out first it will come out fine. you could even make room for stereo and a couple of 4" speaker. if you want more infor e-mail me.
Hey, triple6 helped me out considerably with my stereo stuff, listen to him. I have an overhead in my truck and made it from scratch. made a cardboard template and went to MDO board. Have my stereo and speakers up there with room for more!
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