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AC for a 58 Chevy PU

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Hello everyone, I am thinking about adding AC to my 58 Chevy PU. I have seen some kits that look pretty good but kinda have sticker shock lol.

My question is, How difficult would it be to get the AC parts from a junk yard and put them on my truck? Are there any donor cars that are better than others?

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You are far better off buying a quality kit from Vintage Air that is engineered specifically for your truck. Their new systems have servo driven controls rather than cables and they fit like a glove. You get what you pay for. :)

A/C for your 58

I live in Phoenix,got to have A/C! You can do this cheap,I did for less than $150 in my 65 Pickup.Since this is a Vintage truck you might check ebay for an underdash unit from a Chev with the retro emblems if not wrecking yard units here run around $35, next it will be easier if you get the compressor and brackets and pulleys all from the same vehicle and the matching water pump.The hoses you can get from a local A/C supplier,be sure to get a new drier from them too,you can get a 134a conversion from Auto zone but first you need to to evavacuate all the old R12 from your Wrecking yard finds before you install the 134 kit,then charge it up,and BE COOL!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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