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AC/Heater Control Module Install ?

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Colder weather is starting to set in where I live and because I didn't have AC and because my ignition switch had an issue keeping me from starting my motor with the key, I took out my AC and heater control module to put in a starter button.

I have now fixed my ignition key issue and I'm able to start my car using my key.

I didn't take pictures and I don't remember what connectors went to what from the dash to the AC / heater control module... I have a good hint on where some things go but there are two pieces that I cannot figure out how to attach and get my heater blowing.

Electrical wiring Space Wire Event Electrical supply

If anybody has any kind of knowledge or can provide me with a picture from a project that they have, I would appreciate it
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BAsed on their picture I can’t even tell which ones are vacuum lines and which are wires, but the rubber boots are usually vacuum lines. Can’t you just match up the colors of the cut wires with what is still in the car?
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