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ac repair question

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I had my AC discharged and the compressor removed to do some engine work
(2001 chevy express van w/4.3l engine-front and rear AC).

The mechanic that discharged the system did not cap off the open lines. The system sat open to the air for about a year-straight through pollen season too.
Also, oil leaked out of the compressor during storage.

The new engine is in, and now its time to fix the ac.
What should I do to put it all back together? I do understand the basic parts, function, and even the chemistry at work in an AC system.

I would like to get everything cleaned, re-oiled, and connected, then take it to an ac shop to vacuum and charge.

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Thanks again.

You have chimed in on many of my questions over the years. The van I'm working on is the one that was reading misfires, and NO ONE could figure out why,..except me.( including the chevy mechanics at the dealer ).

The thrust bearing went out allowing the crank to move back and forth, tricking the computer. Chevy diagnosed it as a problem in the heads. They were wrong.

I now have a new engine/fuel injection/ and countless other parts. The van is running great, and the ac is the last thing to be fixed.

How dumb an idea is it to use the original compressor? It has about 140K on it. New ones are nearly $400.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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