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ac repair question

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I had my AC discharged and the compressor removed to do some engine work
(2001 chevy express van w/4.3l engine-front and rear AC).

The mechanic that discharged the system did not cap off the open lines. The system sat open to the air for about a year-straight through pollen season too.
Also, oil leaked out of the compressor during storage.

The new engine is in, and now its time to fix the ac.
What should I do to put it all back together? I do understand the basic parts, function, and even the chemistry at work in an AC system.

I would like to get everything cleaned, re-oiled, and connected, then take it to an ac shop to vacuum and charge.

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Remove the reciever drier, flush out the evaporator,flush out the condenser as well, with the lines removed at the sure to replace the orifice tube and flush out that line.
Blow a little flush through the remaining lines as wasps and bees get inside and cause trouble making nests, and dying inside.
Then install new orifice, receiver dryer,all o rings,reconnect all fittings with new O rings, then install compressor after checking for correct amount of oil.
Use a good synthetic PAG oil, not regualer PAG as it works better and is way more compatible.
Dont over do it with the oil, it will cause problems. After flushing everything and replacing the drier, youll need to put some oil back.
I would install about 7 ounces total.Be sure to read tag for new compressor as it will tell you how much oil it has/needs upon install.
That would be 1 for condenser, 1 for evap,1 for drier, and 4 for compressor.
After evacuation of the system and before you charge it, BE SURE to rotate compressor with a small socket and wratchet at least 2 dozen revolutions.
That will ensure that the oil will not lay in the compressor and hydro lock it when you start the system, ultimatley destroying it.
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If the compressor pumps good and isnt noisy then use it.You can turn it with a socket wrench on the nut in the center of the clutch. Put your fingers over the ports on the rear. It should make a pretty good amount of pressure and suction as well.You will know when you do it.
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