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My dad sent me thins in my email, thought I would share

Kansas Kids See Real Fireworks During 4th Of July Celebrations

July, 4, 2004 - Some young people in Lindsborg, KS filled several balloons with acetylene and were shooting them with roman candles during the 4th of July celebrations. This took place during the Lindsborg fireworks display at the local college when the explosion occurred. ambulances, firemen & police were summoned to a house behind the Viking Motorcycle Company.

It was later discovered that the kids had placed several acetylene filled balloons in the backseat of their truck, and then would reach in to pull one out at a time to set it off. It is thought that the storage and sliding of the acetylene filled balloons was just enough to cause a static spark & BOOOOOOM!!!!!!

Nobody was killed, however one of the young men spent some time in an ICU in Wichita. He blew out both eardrums, had to have a lot of shards of glass pulled from his torso, face, & eyeballs. A nephew was either in the truck or was close enough by that part of his face was blown off & equired 30 or more stitches. The truck was parked near a garage and moved the garage partly off of its foundation. There were apparently several people, (assuming adults) who were sitting close enough that they were jolted
several feet backwards out of their chairs.

It is too easy to say that these people were “stupid” for doing it, watching it or allowing this to take place. However, it is more ignorance than stupidity, as most people just do not understand the explosive power of acetylene gas. For those who use or handle acetylene, we must never lose respect for the inherent danger associated with acetylene. Acetylene must only be used it in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer and never as a source of entertainment.

These pictures tell the real story!


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holy crap, i just moved from lindsborg at the begining of the summer. this is the first time i heard of this accident. i probably new who the people were. knowing that town i bet everybody had a fit about it. Lindsborg is a big swedish, tourist town, damn that's pretty stupid and dangerous.
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