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First of all thanks to this forum or I would not have learned about the 5 pin HEI module used on 78 to 81 GM vehicles with the 5 degree retard pin.

I installed this module on my turbocharged Yugo hooked to a Bosch distributor and it works like a charm.

The other day I pulled the Jacobs Boostmaster off my Fiat Spider turbo and replaced it with the 5 pin HEI module.

This car came from the factory with a 4 pin HEI module so it's more correct for this magnetic trigger anyway.

But when the engine hits around 4K rpms, it becomes sluggish and it won't rev past 5K rpms.

So I put a WELLS 4 pin module in just to troubleshoot and it will pull up to redline smoothly.

But because the 4 pin lacks the retard pin, it pings a bit under boost.

Any chance this BWD ignition module is defective straight out of the box?

Usually these things either work or they don't.

I took it back to Advance Auto and they replaced it and while I was at it I ordered a second one just as a spare. I have yet to test either module (working 12 hour dayshifts this weekend).

Just wishful thinking it's defective because the first one I tried on my Yugo works very well at controlling detonation under boost.


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I would be suspicious of the module being defective. Sounds like thats what the test you did revealed. I would get a refund/exchange.
I prefer NAPA modules over BWD as I have had a few BWD parts that were bad. If I determine a part is pretty critical, I will buy an OEM from a dealer. Anything that is labor intensive to replace should get a quality brand or OEM . Modules are quick and easy.
I had a Cam pos sensor By BWD fail after 2 months of service, other pieces I have had faulty right out of the box too.
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