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I am building a 56 Chevy 3100 with a crate LS3 and 4L80E and am looking to put it on an after market frame that is not air ride. There are quite a few choices when it comes to this, what are your feelings on whose chassis to use. Several I have looked at are Roadster Shop, Art Morrison, TCI , Rockabilly and several others. Also feelings about 4 link with a Ford 9 inch or IRS and if so Corvette or custom and if Corvette then C4 or C5. I don't want to run 20 inch wheels as I think they look dumb on an old truck.
I want this truck to be a real driver, it will not be raced. I plan on taking it on several long trips so nice ride and reliable are what counts.
Best bang for the buck is VERY important.
Thanks for your inputs
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