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I am just about to start my 39 ford project rod. The frame has a chevelle front end scabbed on. I want to have 4 corner air bags on the car. Should i scrap the frame and go with a new frame and mustang II front or can I make the chevelle work and look good too?

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The chevelle is used in IMCA cars and quite a bit of info is available on this particular clip..what you have should work fine of course it is your call to see if what you have can be cleaned up and used..

lot of guys use the mustang of course but then you may save a good bundle of cash if you can work with what you now have..

Check it for straight and square as well as fixing the ugly's on what you have..

As far as air-bagging that seems to be straight forward unless you are doing the slamming deal..that can be a bit complicated with the compressor and air tanks required otherwise a straight air bag suspension can be a good way to go..

Good luck
keep asking

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