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I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But, your compressor isn't going to be enough. Even if you were to add all the piping you could afford for extra volume, you still do not have enough CFM from the pump.

Most D/A sanders will eat approx 13-17 CFM @ 90psi under load. A lot of them will advertise the free load CFM and not the loaded CFM. Most spray equipment will use in the neighborhood of 8-17 CFM @ approx 30-40psi.

I managed to get by with a 60 gallon Coleman Powermate producing 10.5 CFM @ 90 and 13.5 @ 40psi for 11 years. It has since puked and I am in the process of shopping for an industrial model in the area of 20 CFM @ 175PSI (I make money with mine now).

A bigger compressor will require 230v and the associated wiring to go with it, but in the end you will be a lot less frustrated. You can purchase the minimum of 60 gallon compressors for around $4-600 depending on brand. I would shop for one that will produce 12.5 CFM @100 PSI.

My $.02

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