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align boring

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is there anyway to tell if a block was previously align bored, my 400 sbc engine has a fairly good leak from the rear of the engine and it has been like that since assembly, i have not pulled the tranny yet to verify that it is the rear main seal and not a galley or cam plug but plan to this winter, i bought the block from a machine shop but they do not know if the block had been align bored previously, i know they make a special rear main seal for the 400 but i could only use it if it was bored, i goofed when i assembled it since i did not use sealant on the cap to block mating surface, it seams to leak a little to much for it to be coming from there or can it, thanks
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I asked because the 2900 and 2909 look slightly different on the transmission side, it's a slight difference with the molding. I don't remember off hand and I don't have one here right now to compare.
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