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All Aluminum steering wheels?

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Good evening all, I wanted your opinion on the all aluminum steering wheels taht are out there. I've started seeing more of them and wanted your thoughts good or bad. Aside from them being cold in the winter and hot in the summer, is there anything else to look out for or be wary of? Thanks in advance, John
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Glare from the sun....................Personally, I think they look cheesy.But, thats just me...............
They are Ok but they are not 'hot rod'. The new billet look has way passed me by. I'll stick with my walnut rimmed, perforated, chrome, 3- spoked wheel 'til it's time to hang up my spurs.
I made an all aluminum gear shift knob in the shape of dice (or die) I had the trucked parked in the parking lot all day with the sun blazing in. Got in the truck after work, grabbed the knob and burnt the hell out of my hand. I had to leave a rag over it after that whenever it was parked in sun for any length of time.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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