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I am fixing the previous owners wiring on my 1954 Ford. It has a
223 straight six with a 4 prong external regulator and alternator. I have figured out most of the wiring but have one last problem on the regulator.

regulator as marked (4 prong)

I this is the problem -Where can i pick up going through the
ignition switch without going under the dash? Maybe the off
the starter selinoid? just like the below diagram (green wire)
A wire to starter selinod
S STA post on alternator
F Field post on alternator

I appreciate any ones help!!


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Maybe this will help;

Bottom Terminal (arm) yellow w/black strip is power feed from generator to voltage regulator

Bottom Terminal, small yellow wire w/black strip is from field on generator to voltage regulator

Center Terminal (field) goes to the generator light in dash cluster

Top Terminal (Batt) two black with yellow stripe, one feeds power to the batter side of the solenoid, the other feeds power to the dash.

Top Terminal yellow wire feeds power to horn relay attached to core support.

The small black wire from the generator is a ground wire to body of vehicle.
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