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Back 10-15 yrs ago hot street motors w/iron heads were limited to cr.#'s of about 9.4 because 94 octane gas was/is the best you could get at the pump.
Today their are several alum.heads made for every popular motor combo.
With cams being built w/computer techmology,along with these alum.heads & the correct piston materal,I've heard that a high comp-ratio(12.5~14.0 to 1)can be built for STREET use & run on pump gas.
Anyone built such a motor or know of a shop that has ?
The reason I ask"shop" is the parts cost alone on this looks to run $5000+,I don't hav the know how to risk this much $$$

All good replys,although I've heard most of it before,all except the Marvel Mystery oil ?
You who replied didn't mention what type had ?
What !'m wanting to build is a big block Mopar,498 in.or larger.
There are two"Mopar only" shops one in in Mich.both well known to the Mopar faithful that are advertizing 12.5 cr.street motors that will run on pump gas.It's not that I don't trust these shops,but I'm in southern Ohio and would like to be closer to where I spend my $$$$.By the way the crate motors go for double the above parts cost,so you can see why personal contact with the builder is important.
Any Mopar guys HELP !!!

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