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HeHe, well, not much is necessary to make my introduction.

Just your normal guy with a love for cars!

28 (soon 29)...the years just don't stop coming do they? Not anyone with tons of money nor time to spare but I do have ambitions. As you can tell by the name I am a 3rd Generation Freak. LOL Third Generation Trans Ams to be precise. I remember the first time I saw one on cruising night when I was growing up. I fell in love with it right then and there.

Since then, I've developed some skills working on my cars. Usually out of desperation and need rather than it being a hobby. Used to own a 63 F-250...NOT restored...self explanitory there huh? At least it was easy to work on EVERY weekend....360FE big block, dual exhaust. I miss the sound of that truck but I don't miss all the problems and difficulty of getting parts. I remember the headlights would begin flashing after driving about fifteen minutes at night because the switch would overheat as it was mounted directly to the fuse block. Nice one huh? lol Got lucky and actually found a new switch which solved that problem but about a week later the dome light position on the switch burned out. Just my luck. LOL Threw the driveshaft out of that truck also. That was fun....NOT! 65mph and catapaulting the rear end of your truck makes for an interesting day!

Lost a wheel on an Oldsmobile I once had also. Of course that was about two weeks after I was run off the road in it. (STILL passed the guy though! HAHA)

Lets see, how many of you have ever heard of a tensioner pulley bolt snapping off while driving your F-150?? <raises hand> That sucked! Drove home, no power steering, no cooling system to the engine, no alternator, no nothing.....I popped the hood and let the safety latch hold it then just drove! Was about a 15 mile trip, got a bit warm but I made it.

LOL same truck (94 F-150) oil pan decides to rust through while I was driving it also. ---- sigh Nothing like driving along, everything is fine then a soft "tick tick tick"...then a not so soft "tick tick tick", then look at your gauges to realize you have no oil pressure left and you pull over, killing the engine before you're even off the road yet. Now keep in mind, this truck was not a rusted out piece of junk here. It looked rather good! How or why that happened I have no clue!! I think I'm just being tested! LOL

I'm always on a tight budget but getting to the age now that I realize if I don't do something now, I'll miss my chance before I know it. It is time....

If I'm going to put money into anything anymore it's going to be something I want that is worth it at least "to me"! Hence the TA I bought....hence the reason I am now here....

OH YEA....just worth noting here....through everything that has EVER happened to me, which is quite a bit, I have NEVER wrecked a car! EVER...
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