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Hi all,
I haven't been a hot-rodder since the 1960's but I just picked up a 1941 Ford 80 percent completed hot rod... new 454 mild hop-up chev, disc brakes up front, rack and pinion steering, custom suspension on custom frame, all kinds of new mechanical stuff. I need to wire it, finish some exterior, and get the interior done. Chopped top, with plexiglass templates for the future windows...
So, I'm sure I'll be bugging you folks for information as time goes on...
I stoked about this project!

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Welcome. We'd like to see some pictures of your project!
Here's what I got -
The frame looks to be custom built, the engine is a newly rebuilt 455 with a cam, headers and 4BBL, the tranny is a TH400. Front end looks like a Mustang 2 clone with disk brakes and rack and pinion steering (?) (if any of you can tell what it is, please let me know !). Chopped top, all outside handles gone...rear large brake drums...all new. Inside, power window setup but need actual glass windows (plexiglass templates only). Everything is new. Inside not done at all. Wiring unfinished. I'm amazed at the quality of workmanship, especially the welding - all beads are ground and smoothed.

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