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Newbie with Aussie car in US

Hello everyone. My name is Steve. I am in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. I was referred to this place by Carbed95GT and another member who's board name eludes me atm.

I'm 40 now but when I was 18 purchased a 1968 Dodge Charger. It's long gone now but my latest project is building Mad Max's black Interceptor from the original film. My car arrived from Australia about 3 weeks ago.

The car used in the film was made from a 1973 Australian Ford XB falcon GT. "XB" refers to the generation of body style. My car is actually an XA with the XB front clip, fenders, tailights, and an XB GT dash. Those are the only real differences between the two cars and for an Austrailan to look at my car now would not know it is really an XA. Only the I.D tag can identify it as such.

My wife has a 1966 Mustang coupe that we are building to her tastes. It currently has a 1968 302 in it but we are yanking that out this winter and dropping in a slightly warmed over Ford Motorsport 5.0 302. Also going to be changing the car over to a power rack and pinion steering and power disc brakes.

Yeah, I'll be finishing up her car first so that I won't have to be bouncing back and forth between the two cars. Her's is also so close to being done. When I take a break though I will be freaking people out at the lights as I sit on the right side of my Falcon (right hand drive) and leave them in my smoke!


I just loaded up my album with some pics of my car for anyone interested.

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