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Everyday here too.
Customers are not always forthcoming with info that is needed

Dude brought his 06 silverado with a misfire. Ran bad
P0300 rando multiple misfire
But it also had a p0336 crankshaft sensor signal

After an hour of checking voltage, resistance , continuity on the 3 wires from the CNK sensor to the PCM , I found nothing.
Called him and asked how long it had been acting up. He said , " Well I ran it out of oil 2 months ago and thats when it started acting up".
Sure enough, I then went out and checked crankshaft endplay....Game over .It has .125 thou end play
Thrust bearing is wiped out, letting the crank walk and then the signal is dropping out

This is a 6.0 liter "U" code engine

I could have solved all this in 5 minutes if he had just mentioned what had happened.
His dad was not happy ..

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