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Anyone know where to get this torch hanger/valve?

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I was at a show once where there was a guy chopping a top on a Model A. He had the coolest "rack" or hanger that he set the torch butt on. It would turn off the gas and ox with a valve under the hanger. You then picked the butt back up (still adjusted for a perfect flame) and wave it across a small flame on the hanger to fire your perfect welding flame back up.

I posted once about this and got some answers but I lost the links. I believe they are still available and I would like to get one.

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torchy torch rack

I have never seen one but let me know if you find one reasonably priced sounds like a HUGE time saver,plus one hand operation,I'll probably built one if i dont find soon.thxs pete
Sounds like a cool idea

Did a quick google search. Sounds like what your talking about.

•Gas-Saving Torch. Designed using the input of torch users, the Unecon Pre-Mix Torch was constructed specifically to save gas and oxygen and reduce operator fatigue. The “dead man” lever incorporated in the handle turns the torch off automatically when released. When not in use, the torch is placed on a special hanger with a built-in pilot light. Relighting the torch is as easy as depressing the lever and touching the tip to the pilot light. It has a teak wood handle which absorbs perspiration ($169.95).
That sounds like it, but no photo so I can't tell for sure. I did find the photo I took of the thing and I'll post it later.

I have a torch that has a press in valve, that shuts off the flame, except for a tiny dribble of accetalene to keep it slightly lit....You pick it up, push the valve and the flame comes back up to where you had set it.
Gas saver

There is one that I know of .It is called the gas saver. made by WELDIT GASAVER , W101 model E. MSC sells it for about $100. The MSC # is 62431705.

Sorry I can not get you a picture. It has 2 sets of gas/oxygen fittings, tank to the unit , unit to torch. a 1/4 in rod about 6 in long where you place the torch on to cut the gas off. The unit is bench mounted

There are different models , for different applications and gases.

Hope the info helps...russ
Very cool guys, the one Eric posted at Dagger tools is only $56.00. Thanks alot. This time I saved it and I'll make an order. They have a bunch of very cool tools there!

Hey guys,

Sorry to revive such an old post. I was thinking of getting one of these (probably the one from Dagger) and was wondering if anyone has actually used one? If so what were your experiences / opinions? Where did you mount it?


I dont have one since I dont use a gas setup. But the guys that DO use gas love them. For the 60 bucks the thing cost I dont see how you can go wrong...Eric
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