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Anyone using the Maval/Unisteer rack&pinion in a '57 Chevy

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I've just recently heard about this new rear mount rack & pinion that's a bolt on fit for the '57 Chevy. Comes with a pump and supposedly will make a '57 with radial tires drive like a new Lexus. Looked up their website but there's not a lot of info there. Can anyone shed any light on this product?
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I haven't used one, but Danchuk Mfg. sells a rack and pinion as well. Don't have a website address for you but punch them up on a search eng. I found it after doing the p.s. swap into a big block 57. Sure would have saved alot of hassles.
I'm familar with Danchuck, but this Unisteer rack is something different, or so I'm told. I heard about it from someone who attended the SEMA show where it was a big hit. I called Maval/unisteer and they said this rack with their GM typeII pump was set up as a package with the correct pressure and volume to give the '57 Chevy the steering of a new car. The manufacture claims this is what separates their system from all the rest. The 605 set-up does not give good road-feel at interstate speeds, even after tweeking the pump with mods. Pump kits generally reduce pump pressure but the pressure and volume must be regulated to obtain good road-feel at speed. Their kit comes complete with brackets, spindle brackets for aftermarket disc brake spindles, rod ends, mounting brackets, etc. This rack is the correct length for a bolt on application. This is a somewhat expensive kit at about $1,000 for all including pump. Just thought I would check the Forum here before shelling out the big bucks.
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