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Doc here::pimp:

Johsongrass is right, ...Find out what your local shop rate is and multiply by about 3 to 4 hours (depending on the complexity of your car)..ours here is $99.00 per hour...

Plus gaskets about $30 bucks for an Intake set, intake/head and thermostat/Manifold and Carb to Manifold

You may want to consider new thermostat, New hoses (Water, Vacuum and Fuel) and anything that MAY go bad or break in the swap, like ancient temp senders, etc...

Why not do it yourself? As you said, It's pretty much a straight forward job, you can get a manual to assist you, or If your manifold is new, should come with instructions.

If your inclined, you can save yourself a bundle of cash...

Doc :pimp:
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