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aussie built cleveland

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I have a good question for you aussie fans. Does the aussie built 302' cleveland have the smaller diameter bearings like the American built 351c's?(=high revs) How about the forged crank?:drool:
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Aussie 302

The Aussie 302 Cleveland has the same rod and main sizes as does the 351. Essentially the only difference is in the stroke of the crank.

Either the rods are longer or the compression height on the pistons is different, thats about it.
IIRC the 302 Cleveland ran a rod just a shade longer than 6"...
Aussie 302

That would make sence due to the 351 having a 5.78 rod and a half inch longer stroke. I didnt think they would put a piston in it with a 1.85 compression height.
If someone wanted to build a long rod 351C, that'd be an easy way to do it, it seems; some custom pistons (hell, there might be an off the shelf piston out there for it), the Aussie rods (I've seen 'em cheap on EBay) and a factory crank. Huh, that'd be an interesting motor to see run, really see how rod length effects performance.
Long rod 351 C

Boss 302 pistons would be very close to the proper compression height in a 351 C using the Aussie 302 C rods.

Might have to machine a wee bit off the top of the pistons.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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