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Hello, I am new to this group, found it while surfing for info on my 57 GMC. Noticed an old thread with info on engines available
during 55-59 year group. Would like to add that these years had 270 ci sixes with hydramatic and standard shifts, and mostly correct were v8 pontiac versions, although, My father had a 57
in 1963 with an Olds 324 engine. As we were very familiar with
this group of engines having owned numerous 50 to 56 Olds, I
am sure it was a 324. That said, in the mid 70's I was researching my current 57 with 270 and found that approximately
100 of these engines, no truly known numbers were kept by GM,
I garnered this from talking to an old man that had worked the
line in the 50's, supposedly due to there being a shortage caused
by the fire in late 56 or early 57. To my knowledge there is no
documentation to support these facts, but believe my father's was a factory build from my conversation and letters from the
factory worker. I just wish I had kept his letters and not lost them in one of my many moves.

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Welcome. Yes there definitely was a fire in the Powerglide plant so they had to hustle and put 4-speed dual range hydramatics in the pickup line. These pickup versions have a very desirable small diameter fluid coupling. I wan't aware that the fire resulted in a substitute engine also.
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