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One of our friends has a '78 GMC "short bed" weighing in at 4,100 and change (with him in it), running 12.20s all week on 93. His goal was a mid 12 second pickup. He has Chevy aluminum heads (late '80s Corvette) mildly ported, Comp solid flat tappet (XS274S), 6" rods and SRP pistons. Performer RPM and Hooker... He's VERY happy, and the thing is a beast. It runs well in traffic and gets ABOUT 13-14 MPG on the "open road". 406 CID.

A nice pair of iron heads would actually make more power. This combo seems to have plenty of low-end for driving, and is severely "traction impaired".

I disagree on using stock 400 connecting rods. 5.7 rods are too cheap to ignore, and MUCH better. 6" rods are better, yet. Many pistons available either way. I DO agree, no need for a forged crankshaft as long as you have a genuine Chevrolet nodular casting. We've seen many iissues with the cheap import "cast" cranks (regardless of brand). This is the single small block application we recommend a "high volume" oil pump, due to the size of the main journals (we don't use the HV pump in "race" engines, just street).


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