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Hi, I've been a lurker for a long time and am ready to start my first project to slam a truck. I've bought a nice original 1971 S10 with a V8 and A/T and want to copy the truck in the picture. I want to lay it VERY low at shows, but want to drive it without dragging. I have gone through ALL the tech articles (not only on this board) and learned a LOT but still can't find the right way to tackle this from scratch. I noticed NO bag kits for 1971's, they start for 1973's and newer......:-(

So, hopefully you guys can help me get started - main thing (1.) is finding a complete bag kit. Then:

2. Do I still need drop spindles in the front if I'm going to use front and rear bags? Basically, would a bag kit provide such a full drop or do I need other stuff to get that low?

3. Do I "just" remove the coils and just add bags (and othershocks)?

4. Is there a need to use different offset wheels to keep them from hitting fenders in front or rear? I'm thinking of using 20" (or higher) wheels, but I'm sure that will give me a harder time to get it that low????

5. I've read about a triangular setup for the rear axle, when do I need that?

OK, you see I'm a newbie (at bagging, I haven't even bagged at WalMart!) so hopefully I hear some new things here. Even links would help.



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first of all welcome to, im sure you will find this place useful, there are a lot of really smart people here.

1 call the guys at

2 if you want tires that big, you should use drop spindles (if they have any for your application)

3 kind of, i took the hole front end apart so it was real easy to put the bags in. i couldn't fit the whole bag assembly in between the frame and the bottom A-arm, so you might have to do what i did, beside, you should replace all the bushings if they are too distorted(it will help you keep the same suspension geometry)

4 your going to have to measure how much room you have now and then add however much you wanna add.

5 you need that when your leaf springs will not do the job of lowering your car to the point that you want and still provide a secure suspension. measure the distance between the top of your rear end and the bottom of the frame (so your car is bottomed out) and if your car is still not as low as you want it to go, then not only are you going to have to use a 4 link set up, but your going to have to notch the frame. im doing the same thing on my car and i found this out the long way.

check out the pictures on my last thread (cantilever...) it will give you a better idea.

hope i helped out
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