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Bare metal prep

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I am going to paint my 72 Nova at my house. There are 2 coats of paint and I am chemical stripping the parts. The front clip is removed and I am working on fender wells, core support and such to hone my technique so to speak. I work on it every few days after work and by the time I get a part stripped, sanded, straightened and filled, surface rust has started to form. I dont want this problem when I start on the body exterior. I have purchased several types of metal prep and cleaner from the auto body supply but am confused about the best way to prep the bare metal. The paint job will never be any better than the first coat of primer and I dont want to use the spray can stuff that turns any rust into black primer. I have purchased a good corrosion resistant primer by PPG but want everything right before I spray it. Should I re-sand just prior to priming?

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If rust has started then sand it off.Clean it with the proper cleaner, Then make sure you put a good etch primer over all the bare metal. Let in flash real good and apply you primer filler.
If the PPG primer you bought is the dp line you can put that right on the bare metal that is what it is for. If this is not the primer you have get some. It is an epoxy primer made for bare metal. :D
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