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The best thing to do is go ahead and spray some clear coat on the base coat. Then the next day, wet sand the clear with 400 grit. Using 3m fine line tape, tape off for your pin strips. After you get the desired number of coats of pin strip on, (enough to cover) pull your tape back on it's self as soon as possible. If the pin stripe is still wet, it may flow out to a very smooth edge. Apply three coats Clear coat over the whole car as soon as the pin stripe has cured or dried.

You have to watch your cure time windows to avoid adhesion problems.

But by applying clear coat over the base it can cure, you will have a couple of days to do your pin striping. You can also be able to wipe any tape residue off the clear coat without screwing up your base coat.

And since you applied clear coat over the base and then sanded it, you will have a good mechanical adhesion for the pin strip and your final coats of clear.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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