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Battery to move.

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I have a 36 chev streetrod and I'm moving my battery from the back seat to the trunk. Because the battery was already there from the previous owner I'm not sure where the terminals from the battery should go. I have looked all over where the holes may be drilled for the cables but, no luck. Anyone have this experience?
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I'm not sure on the 36 but I've got a 38 and the battery box on it was originaly located under the pasenger side floor board.
I had ours there but my wife had a fit every time we would bump something on the road and it would bounce up against her feet, the car sits kinda low.
Anyway I moved ours to the fenderwell behind the front tire with a frame and battery box home fabed and it works great. I had considred moveing it to the trunk but didn't want to give up the pace as we travel a lot and need the trunk space.
Unless you are an originality type person I would put the battey wherever it best suited me and rout the cable as such, just be shure to use rubber gromets when going through the sheet metal.
Thanks for the info. A friend of mine has a 36 dodge coupe and he put his battery under the front wheel well. My battery is now inside the car against the back wall . Iwanted to move it to the trunk but after putting the battery box in there to find a place for it , I did not want to give up the trunk space. I`ll have to think about it fast , because I`m taking the car in for a new interior this month.
Thanks Ken
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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