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looking to build a 496 (440 mopar)
anyone big into bb mopar race engines?
what is a good setup for a street strip car to get it in the 10's?
gear wise?
race trans wise?
without baby bottles or turbos

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Lots of ten second cars with no power adders, especially bigger cubes and roller cams.
Decent aftermarket aluminum heads are all over the place nowadays, Indys, Edelbrocks, etc..... Stroker kits are easy to get, especially the very popular 4.15 stroke stuff.
The trans should have a billet front drum IMO, as well as the usual upgrades, 4.2 lever, sprag, etc... shields are avaliable aluminum or composite, both are tight fits in most production floored cars.
Gears depends on your engine, trans and tire height etc...

Clutch has dipped into the 9 second club with his naturally aspirated no power adders big block..... TRUCK. It's not a full on race truck either.

Clutch's truck video

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If you are talking about an average weight street car say 3300 lbs or so it should be easy to get a big mopar into the 10's...

10.5 to 1 compression,indy EZ heads the correct cam intake carb combo,,,,, should be easy..

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