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low budget rodder said:
Some annoyances include:
-Not finding engine kits... everything has to be bought separate.
Contact your local reputable machine shop... or shopS. If there is a kit to be had they'll be able to get it. If you call several shops and they can't find it, you'll have to go piece by piece.
-Not finding a complete gasket set... two separate sets to seal the engine.
Cometic, ROL, and FelPro are the ones that will most likely have the most complete sets. Chances are GM sells a complete set, but be prepared to pay parts-counter prices.
-Edelbrock says they don't have an intake for stock heads with a carburetor on this engine.
That's correct. The 8.1 doesn't have nearly enough following to make it profitable for Edelbrock to cast a specialty intake. Its not a popular hot-rod platform.
-Ports are not like other BBchevy's (here is an expensive marine intake to illustrate the port configuration
The 8.1 doesn't have a lot in common with the old BBCs. For the sake of performance/rebuild purposes, consider it a one-off bastard that will be tough to find parts. Its not a BBC, its an 8.1 chevy. Whole different ballgame.

Does anyone now of either a basic "electronic" system (and its components) or "mechanical" system (and its components) to make this run as inexpensive as possible?
Look up megasquirt on the intarwebs. Megasquirt is a self-built, freeware-type computer that will run EFI in darn near any configuration. They have several iterations to control EFI, spark timing, transmissions, etc.

By the way... please drink a Cream Ale for me... I moved to Texas and I can't get those lovely green cans anymore
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