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I have two 8.1 liter, 496 cid engines... these are the 496 from a 2001 Chevy Silverado and not bored out 454's.

Both are getting punched out .030 over to deal with some pitting and scratches in the cylinders and not for "high performance" reasons.

Some annoyances include:
-Not finding engine kits... everything has to be bought separate.
-Not finding a complete gasket set... two separate sets to seal the engine.
-Edelbrock says they don't have an intake for stock heads with a carburetor on this engine.
-Ports are not like other BBchevy's (here is an expensive marine intake to illustrate the port configuration -


I will be putting one engine back into the truck pretty much in a stock configuration, and the other I would like to put into a potential hotrod...

I either need a harness, computer, etc to make the "extra engine" run, or I need some means to change my intake, and ignition system to go "old school" carburated.

Does anyone now of either a basic "electronic" system (and its components) or "mechanical" system (and its components) to make this run as inexpensive as possible?

(possible prices and part numbers are welcome)

Thanks again

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