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Hey I just recieved a 93 camaro in on a trade with no motor or trans.. I believe this is a 3.4 V-6 car... Here is what im wanting... something on the street (NO street racing) but with about 500hp I want the car to be balanced as much as possible because I have decided to carve some corners rather than go straight line performance.

I have a BBC its a 427 with about 11:1 CR but Im afraid that even with an aftermarket K-member its still going to be nose heavy whitch I do not want.. and I want to go FI not carb

a n/a 350-427" small block?... Im not really sure what engine combo would make 500hp and not make so much tq I break the tires loose everytime I step in it..

also what aftermarket FI systems would support 500 hp n/a? I was looking at edelbrock pro flo system but it didnt exactly say how much HP it would support.

so basicaly for a road racing camaro what combo would you think would be the best? no crate engine advice please Id rather build what i race <.<

I also dont really wanna go with an lsx set up or anything like that as I dont feel i need it for only 500hp.

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