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Well.. a few of my friends and i are trying to get a sorta spring run with our old cars n such ! Were planning on middle ish of May. So far its a Cougar Dart ChevPU and a Beaumont and welcome to many more as long as your a " good ol' boy " .. .or girl and you've got a lump sum saved up for your gas bill haha! We are starting in Chillowack BC area , on a Friday afternoon, and heading up the number #3 highway east to Osoyous and continuing that direction doing a sorta loop and heading back to the start by the following Tuesday so it will be a 5 day run. Its still in the planning stages but if anyone wants go join just keep in touch with me and ill keep you " in the know" And if anyone has any ideas of stuff to see places to stop or dinners not to be missed let me know ! I know its not a huge cruiz but it will be my first/longest and sure sounds like fun.


billy C
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