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Be carefull of internet car deals

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I made a post about 2 weeks ago about everyone's opinion where I had a guy wanting to trade a 71 Challanger Pro Street car for my Restored 69 Firebird. He wanted me to fax my bill of sale to make it a done deal. I would not do that but when I decided to load up the Firebird and come see him in person to see about a trade he backed out! Imagine that!:nono:
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Some People

:spank: Is this like the guy who is supposed to have the parrts you need and when you get over there he does not have a clue..and it is the wrong parts..or nothing near what it is represented to be..

Some of those guys around too..

I read your earlier post..I think what you have is probably a better car anyway..

Sometimes the best deals out there is the one we did not do..:pimp:
Internet car deals

Yeah, I agree. It worked out for the best. I've got Corvette parts advertised on this site and was contacted about selling them. I e-mailed them back and told them their spelling was so bad I did not think they could write a check correctly!:thumbup:
Big burn!!!

You burned that guy with his Internet deal for sure!!! The literacy police at work!!!


Rat Rods Rule!
no s**t i was biddin on a 69 el camino and i -of course- lost it but about a week later i was searchin ebay..again :drool: for elkys and found the same for sale he said the guy that won the bid left his number all zeros and his name john doe!!
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