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Been a long time, again...

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Well, as stated, it's been a long time since I posted here. Lot has happened since then. Done a lot of racing, moved back to Colorado from Florida, and am working on wrapping up my career in the next year or so. On the car side of the house, if you recall, I did an alky injection conversion on my dragster. Well, it went well. Overall the car picked up .3 in et and 60' times went from an average of 1.12-1.16 to .996-1.02 depending on where I was at....I've also recorded a 7.07 on motor when I originally first started testing it after the switch, and a best on the mountain at Bandimere speedway of 7.32 @ 182 mph in 9800ft of air. Now, fast forward to this year. Didn't plan on doing a whole lot of racing, but did go out for a heads up event, paid per round deal. Six runs over the weekend, final run bad things happened. Broke a connecting rod and ended my season...Oh well, it happens, had planned on pulling engine down after that race anyway, just wasn't expecting to have to fix broken stuff. That being said, I had planned some upgrades to the combo and now the process has started. I'm switching from a 12* spread port head to a 9* deal. There is a HUGE difference in the two heads, and I should see a substantial gain from it. New custom built intake as well, new cam, going back to steel rods from aluminum, and a few other changes. Ain't cheap, but going fast never is....I'll post more when I have more to post!
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Nice to hear from ya
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