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hi guys... i kinda disapeared for while... i ended up parkin my valiant out back and covering it till spring.... of '08 .. argh

anyways.. i have a problem.. i have come across an unknown classic ford ... i would guess its a fairlane.. but i cant run a vin on it.. ... we have no idea wht size engine it is or if it is even a fairlane...

it has no badges besides one that says "Slimline" and no it is not a truck.... its a 4 door posted hardtop sedan....

not a whole lot of chrome.. just the badges and the headlamp bezels ....

i actually have never seen it.. but i have googled the crap out of it and i cant find squat....

what i know is
its a ford
straight six engine with a three on a tree shift

any help links suggestions


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