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Best towing cam for stock 350 in a 94 chevy C3500

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Hey guys I'm new here and im cam dumb.

I have a stock 350 in a 94 chevy C3500 and im wanting to put a new cam in the old girl. This is a farm truck/daily driver, so i need good highway rpm and torque with also a good low end torque for pulling hay wagons and stock trailers etc. It would be cool if it could sound pretty good too if im just driving around and stopped at lights, but its not necessary.

Also, i was wondering what a good highway speed (75) rpm is? Right now im running about 2500rpm while driving 75mph on the highway with no load. That seems high to me, but i don't know.

Basically just tell me what i need and I'll stab it in. Lol. Thanks guys.
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You need a mild cam. This will give good low end torque, but not a bunch of get up and go once you're you're at 75 MPH.
If you want sound, install some glass pack mufflers.
Never use a lumpy cam for sound. Your vehicle will be gutless.
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