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big tires?

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I just got a '55 Chevy ex-racecar with cut wheelwells to fit 31 inch slicks. I need some big tires to fill in the void. They will be mounted on 10x15 American 200's (flower mags).
I hate low profile tires on big cars. All I am finding are 275/60's-good height, but narrow; or 295/50's nice and fat but too short. I dont want to throw really big buck at the car right now-there is a lot of other things that need attention. Ideally a 30x11 would do the trick-any suggestions?? Rob.
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Not the answer you're lookin for but i guess once its all done you'll be "On The Road Again"
sorry had to do that. Good luck with the car. :p
Why don't you just fix the wheelwells? Tire choices are a bit slim if you don't want to spend money. The only choice you have other than what you mentioned would be bigger rims for larger tires, unless you plan to break out the cash.

Does yours have a straight front axle too? If so, would you be interested in trading it for a 55 2 door post with stock wheel cut outs and stock front suspension. It is at my dad's in Carson City, NV, not that far from you...I have mine that I bought to make into a race car, but I feel kinda bad about cutting it up.
Hoosier makes a pro-street radial 31 x18.50-15, 31" tall, 14 1/4" tread, 12" - 15" recommended wheel & 31 x16.50-15, 31" tall, 12 5/8" tread, 10"- 13" wheel.

Mickey Thompson makes non-radial 31 x18.50-15, 31" tall, 14 1/2" tread, 14" - 16" wheel. They also make a couple of 33 1/8" tall pro street non- radial sizes.
B.F. Goodrich sells a 305/50/15...and some one told me they are now making a 315/50/15
I have a 64 c10 truck and I run BF goodrich 305/50/15 on 15x8 rims. They are almost the same size of a 26/10.5/15 drag slick.(slightly shorter) But they sure look good stuffed under there!!
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