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Billet or Aluminum Dash Panel

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Am looking for list of web sites that sell replacement dash panels for 64-66 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup. Am only interested in panel. Do not need complete with gauges. Use to see in past magazines but now can not locate. One was listed for $149.00 and had a web site. Thanks for the help.

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Check out <a href="http://www.Dolphin" target="_blank">www.Dolphin</a> They have dash panels for 64-66 Chev trucks as well as other applications.
Don't know what you are in need of but it might be worth a look.
My friend ordered a Haneline dash for his 64 chevelle. It looked nice, but it was very flimsy. Everytime he revved the engine the gauges would shake. He tried to return it and the owner gave him a real hard time. He bassically said use it or sell it to one of his friends. Sounds professional?
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