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54 R-100 IH pickup, 92 Blown Buell, 52 Pan/Shovel Bobber
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Ain't got a dang thing to do with me knickers being too tight !! 😏

I've been growing old with a 54 IH R-100 that I had for nearly 40 years ..

Did a body swap onto a 75 Jimmy 1/2 ton 4X4, built up a 400 ci 4 bolt main (517 casting) SBC motor, truck came from GM with a 350 ci and a TH 350 trans ..
Built up a TH 400 to take the place of the 350 ... It's soon to be replaced with a 4L85E that has also seen a few Hi-Po mods ...

At the present time I'm right in the middle of doing a makeover, adding a world of creature comforts as in A/C, killer sound system, keyless power door locks, power windows, 6-way power bucket seats with lumbar support, tinted glass with a outside Sun visor etc ..

Water Fluid Wood Flooring Composite material

About that Sun Visor ..
Been looking for one for a super long time ..
Of all places to run up on it was on Facebook Marketplace.
The ad said; "Don't know what it came off of and no clue what it fits"
I took one look at it and immediately knew what it fits !!

Was a bit rough, but with a bit of TLC got it back to looking like new again ..

Kitchen utensil Wood Hand tool Tool Stonemason's hammer

Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Gas Hardwood

Since I work this truck kinda hard, I swapped out the GM-12 bolt rear-end to a 14 bolt Corporation and installed a Detroit Locker ..

Tableware Kitchen appliance Cylinder Gas Cookware and bakeware

Beefing the drivetrain along the way ...

Photo above is a mock-up ... The 4L85E is built and ready to install ..
Those parts for the motor mount strut rods was a hunt to find ..
The alum dust cover was a 5 year run (95 to 2000) only use on 3/4 and 1 ton 4X4 trucks. Kinda a rare bird !!

Motor vehicle Automotive fuel system Automotive design Automotive exterior Rim

Using a "US Shift" stand-alone controller ..

Computer hardware Audio equipment Gadget Electronic engineering Electrical wiring

Added a "Wire Works" shift indicator to the dash ..

Anyways .... That's what I have on the burner ...
Do want to thank all to let me join up here ..


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